Friday, January 3, 2014

2013... You have been good to us!

Every year brings challenges and changes.  2013 wasn't any different, but we truly enjoyed almost every bit of it.  This past year has been a year of numbers.

  1   new addition to our family (our car)

 1460  books read to McKae (We usually read close to 10 a day... it is a favorite activity)

  4   Family of  four to be come Feb. 2014 (yes, 4 more weeks)

  2   Apartments lived in. (currently in Houston, Texas)

  30   new words that McKae has added to her vocab. (including "love you" and "thank you"- not prompted)

  10   new projects completed (or started) by Kaitlin

  56   Times (give or take) playing "hide-and-seek" and "ring around the rosies".  McKae always hides in the pantry closet.  You have to open it for her before beginning to count.

  3   years later and Jordan graduated with 2 Masters Degrees landing a job at Goodman Manufacturing.

 11638  Miles traveled. (moving to Texas, going home for an Ellingson wedding, and Jordan's work trip to Japan).

We are so blessed and are excited for the new adventures awaiting us in 2014!