Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our First Blog!

So, I always wanted to start a blog, but I decided that I would wait until Jordan and I got married. That way he could be in half of the pictures instead of just a display of me. I am excited to start blogging and love being updated with all of our friends and families blogs.
Jordan and I just finished Fall semester at BYU (phew, feels so good to be done and to have a break). This past semester was fun and hard, but we enjoyed every bit of it. Since we didn't make Christmas cards I decided that I would tell about our tops and funnies of the past year.
  1. We got engaged!
  2. I got to help teach in a 1st grade classroom for a month.
  3. Jordan did an internship and traveled China
  4. We got a great deal on an apartment
  5. The carpet flooded in the apartment in the living room (only like 2 ft out).
  6. Jordan got 100 hearts for Valentines Day and I got 5 airplanes with 100 things list.
  7. Jordan got a scholarship (he's a smartie)
  8. I went to Disneyland with my family during the summer.
  9. Jordan had a tool party (we have used many of the gifts... plunger)
  10. We got married for time and all eternity :)
Basically the year 2009 has been great! We are learning to "come what may and love it!" Thanks everyone for the support and love. We cherish all of our friendships and are so grateful for the knowledge of eternal families.