Thursday, August 26, 2010

Remember When...

School starts on Monday and campus is packed full with freshman and parents galore, it made me reminisce the "good ole' days". Remember when you moved up from middle school to high school and were terrified that you would get lost and then you figured it out within a couple days. Remember when you then moved on up to college and also thought you were going to get lost and that everyone talked in code (SWKT, JFSB, WILK) Remember when you met your roommates for the first time wondering what they were really like and if you would get along. And then you end up sticking with them for years. Remember when you finally realized you are an adult and learned responsibility the hard way by staying out until 2 AM and then getting a C on your first college exam. Remember staying away from RM's because you were not ready to get married during the Freshman year. Remember how in the end, you now can talk in code, you're the one giving others directions, and you have been here for 4 years and are now calling the place home. Okay so I know I still have one semester (super senior= me) but it was still fun to remember. Onward for new adventures!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Red Paper Airplanes

One year ago yesterday Jordan and I got engaged. One year ago Jordan told me we were going to go on a rememberance date. We started by going to the JFSB on campus to fly some paper airplanes (my favorite date). We made them and flew them from the balcony, so Jordan said let's go get them. So right when we got down to the bottom Jordan said, "whoever finds the most airplanes wins". So naturally I book it, because I have to beat Jordan. I passed a red one, but we flew white airplanes so I kept running. Jordan takes me back to the red one and I just pick it up and keep running, Jordan says to open it. At first i thought it was someone's homework. I open it and at the top it says 100 Reasons Why I love Kaitlin. We continued to pick up more red airplanes with more reasons. I just thought this date could not get better. The last airplane I opened said 1. She just might say yes! I still was clueless. He pulls some flowers out from under a bush and then got on one knee and asked me to marry him. My first response was "Did you ask my dad?" (Mainly b/c the night before I thought Jordan was getting cold feet on the decision to get engaged). Then I finally said yes! We then went to Fuddruckers (our 2nd date) and a concert by Ryan Shuppe and the Rubberbands (our 1st date). And now we're married! Sorry for the novel.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Running... but not what you think!

Summer is always so busy running from one thing to the other. Well, we passed another thing on our summer list of to-do's, but sadly I don't have any pictures.

#1: Go Camping- On our trip for this year we went home to Flagstaff and Jordan's family decided to do their camping trip close by so we could go spend some time with them. We camped just a day and a night. We shot some 22's, went paintballing, made some jewelry, watched a movie in their trailer, and a lot more. It was so much fun to spend time with them.

On our way to Flagstaff we took a slight detour and stayed the night in St. George, taking the more scenic route home. We had the opportunity to attend a session in the St. George temple and loved it. That was our first time to that temple.
After spending time at the temple we were able to visit Brigham Young's winter home and even found that the town was having a movie night in the park so we enjoyed the beautiful weather and watched a movie. We finally made it Nielsen's Frozen Custard, which I have been dying to try except for the fact I wasn't feeling too good... I'd say I'll need to try it again sometime.

Once again I didn't take pictures, but Jordan and I loved all the time we were able to spend with my mom and dad. My dad took Jordan golfing for the first time and he loved it! Watch out Angie, he's good ;-) I got to go shopping with my mom and we also enjoyed roasting marshmallows around the grill. It was the perfect vacation!
This beautiful girl Audrey (my bestie) got married in the Draper temple. Jordan and I were able to attend the ceremony. It was beautiful! It is the perfect way to remind us of our marriage covenants. Jordan asked, "Can we get married again?" We love that feeling of overwhelming happiness. We are so excited for them.At the dinner the night before the wedding we loved seeing all of our friends and roommates!

UPDATE: Our garden is growing like crazy! We tasted our first thing from our garden yesterday which were the snap peas. They were wonderful! We also have lots of green tomatoes, small cucumber growing, and lots of corn. Life is great!