Thursday, August 26, 2010

Remember When...

School starts on Monday and campus is packed full with freshman and parents galore, it made me reminisce the "good ole' days". Remember when you moved up from middle school to high school and were terrified that you would get lost and then you figured it out within a couple days. Remember when you then moved on up to college and also thought you were going to get lost and that everyone talked in code (SWKT, JFSB, WILK) Remember when you met your roommates for the first time wondering what they were really like and if you would get along. And then you end up sticking with them for years. Remember when you finally realized you are an adult and learned responsibility the hard way by staying out until 2 AM and then getting a C on your first college exam. Remember staying away from RM's because you were not ready to get married during the Freshman year. Remember how in the end, you now can talk in code, you're the one giving others directions, and you have been here for 4 years and are now calling the place home. Okay so I know I still have one semester (super senior= me) but it was still fun to remember. Onward for new adventures!

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  1. This picture is so cute! you both look so young and to think... you are both so grown up now! :) I miss seeing you.