Monday, August 9, 2010

Red Paper Airplanes

One year ago yesterday Jordan and I got engaged. One year ago Jordan told me we were going to go on a rememberance date. We started by going to the JFSB on campus to fly some paper airplanes (my favorite date). We made them and flew them from the balcony, so Jordan said let's go get them. So right when we got down to the bottom Jordan said, "whoever finds the most airplanes wins". So naturally I book it, because I have to beat Jordan. I passed a red one, but we flew white airplanes so I kept running. Jordan takes me back to the red one and I just pick it up and keep running, Jordan says to open it. At first i thought it was someone's homework. I open it and at the top it says 100 Reasons Why I love Kaitlin. We continued to pick up more red airplanes with more reasons. I just thought this date could not get better. The last airplane I opened said 1. She just might say yes! I still was clueless. He pulls some flowers out from under a bush and then got on one knee and asked me to marry him. My first response was "Did you ask my dad?" (Mainly b/c the night before I thought Jordan was getting cold feet on the decision to get engaged). Then I finally said yes! We then went to Fuddruckers (our 2nd date) and a concert by Ryan Shuppe and the Rubberbands (our 1st date). And now we're married! Sorry for the novel.

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  1. Thanks for the story. It is always fun to hear engagement stories (even if I have already heard it before). I still love that we both went to Ryan Shupe on our first dates and the night we were engged. Ha! You guys are too cute!