Monday, May 28, 2012

Parenthood 101

Since being a mom I feel I have already learned so much and I want to remember it for in the future so I am going to write it all down.

1.When you give your baby a bath and you dry them in their towel, RUN to put that diaper on and then you can cuddle all you want.  If you decide to cuddle while they are still in the towel, well... you may get a little more than wet!

2.Little girls are almost always "Daddy's Girls".  McKae loves to sit in dad's lap.  She will often calm right down.

3. Did you know the word "blow-out" does not always mean up the back?  Oh no, it could me out one side, or even a whole 360.  We have just learned to appreciate that McKae doesn't like them anymore than we do and she'll let us know what's going on.

4.  Baby girls are so reverent!  (This swing has been a lifesaver for us) 

5.  McKae may end up being a super dancer, because she has the best stretches I have ever seen.  We take her out of the car seat and lay her down and she will stretch EVERY part of her body and then just lay there.

6.  I have heard it said many times that time just seems to move too fast when you have a baby and I couldn't agree more.  Slow down and enjoy every moment or at least to learn to laugh at em' (refer to number 3.).

7.  I once heard it said that raising children will be the hardest job we will ever have to do, but that the joy that comes from them will be the GREATEST joy we will ever have.  I know everytime McKae smiles we see just what that means.  We love our sweet baby McKae!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's a Girl!

Kaitlin is all hooked up to those ivy's, just waiting for that baby to come.  This picture was actually taken after the water broke so McKae is nearly a part of the family at this point!

It's a girl!  McKae is literally seconds old in this picture, getting cleaned up by the nurse.

The cone head is a testament to the ordeal both Mom and Baby had to go through!

But so worth it!

Have you ever seen a more beautiful pair?

I mean trio?

Next is a trip to the nursery...

Where McKae met an anxious Uncle Carl!

No name card yet for a while...Mom and Dad were still deciding on McKae

Uncle Carl

Uncle Gary!  We were so glad to see their excitement to meet McKae.  Everyone's support has been so great!
Melanie visited on Saturday and was a huge help!  Thanks!

Mom and Baby ready to go home!

Leaving the Hospital!

Baby loves Daddy!
And Mommy!