Monday, March 28, 2011

The Unknown

Unknown: not known; not within the range of one’s knowledge, experience, or understanding.

This is the word that has become a big part of our life lately. We are hoping that I can keep my job teaching Kindergarten for next year, but won’t know until after Kindergarten registration. But sure love teaching! We are still figuring out where we will be for the summer, but sure enjoying the journey until we figure it out. Until then… we are so grateful for family and friends that make life fun.

I love these girls. I have had the opportunity to serve with these beautiful girls in my calling of our ward and they have made such a big impact on my life. The picture is missing Karen, but she keeps us always looking at things with a positive view.

Now I feel bad that none of these pictures have spouses, but yes we love hanging out with friends and their spouses. I love my old roommates... really the sisters I never had.

**Some updates on how we spend our time until our unknowns become known**

I had my 23rd birthday! Jordan is amazing! He works every morning at 6:00, so he woke up extra early and I found 4 different kinds of pancakes for my birthday breakfast. Best breakfast EVER!

Jordan loves snowboarding and hadn't been for awhile and I hadn't been skiing for 7 years... so we decided to go. Renting skis was cheaper than a snowboard, so Jordan decided to learn how to ski. To say the least, he dominated his teacher (me).

Jordan won a laptop by creating a template online of the United States. You can click on each state and it will tell you the capital, population, and link you to a wikipedia page.

We went CAMPING.... well, sortof!

and ate some s'mores. They tasted amazing!

Stay tuned for when our unknowns become known.