Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I'm not afraid of hard work!

I learned an important lesson last week, or maybe more like 2 or 3.
Sometimes being a mom is HARD.
Up to this point there have been a day here or there that can be hard, but this was incredibly different.  McKae was super sick this week with a fever between 100 and 105.  I felt like each day was a cycle... nap, spiked fever, medicine, lukewarm bath (anything to get the fever down), and then repeat for a week.  Lets just say that I learned a whole new definition to the word hard.  I wouldn't say the week was necessarily hard because of the taking care of a sick child, but mainly because I would have an emotional breakdown when she would scream or cry and an emotional breakdown from worry and the unknown.

I think I have had my eyes opened to the true love a mother has for her children.  It is infinite and when your children are in pain, you too are in pain and would do absolutely anything to make it better.
    I also learned that when possible, a family is best when there is a mother and father.  I truly could not have survived this week without the prayers of family, but most importantly Jordan.  He is my rock.  He is the one who can keep me feeling positive and confident.

  I am so grateful for the priesthood in our home.  With a worthy priesthood holder in our home McKae was able to receive a powerful blessing and one that strengthened my faith and the belief in the Savior.  

Luckily McKae's fever disappeared after a week and now we are just getting back to a nap schedule, actually eating food, and venturing out of the house.  Despite the fact that being a mom is hard, I wouldn't trade it for anything and am grateful for the opportunity to be the one to hold baby girl when she is sick and laugh with her when she laughs.