Sunday, March 14, 2010

A little Ellingson fun!

A little update on us! So for our wedding we got a bosch mixer and then for christmas we were given a wheat grinder. I have been scared out of my mind about attempting to make bread, but I decided I had waited too long and so here is the finished product...So the weather here in provo has been so dysfunctional. One day it decides to be beautiful with birds singing, blue skies, and sunshine. The other days it decides to snow (like crazy). So while at work (Jordan and I work 6-10pm) every night, we noticed it was snowing. So here is a little peek into what we decided to do AFTER work was done.


  1. Loved the snowman! And that bread looks very good. I am entirely impressed.

  2. Look at you! You little homemaker :) Glad you finally made your bread! It looks yummy.