Tuesday, July 6, 2010

check and check

The list of To Do's continues and we continue to check them off...
#4 Go to Timpanogos Cave (well we changed this and headed off to Mt. Timpanogos temple) This was a first for both of us and it was so beautiful!

#5 Go Rollerblading
We went rollerblading around the neighborhood and down some hills. I even learned how to better use my brakes.
#9 Play Racquetball
Jordan was able to play with his two brothers. This is his new favorite thing to do.
#12 Go frisbee golfingOn the 3rd of July we were able to go play a little frisbee golf. Jordan was either a born pro or it was a beginners luck ;-)

Other things we have been up to...
Some friends in our ward did a huge slip-n-slide. At the end of the slide you slid across the grass and landed in a pond. It was a blast!We also had some free passes to the movies so we went and saw Toy Story 3 and loved it!

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  1. Yeah for frisbee golf! And for raquetball - that sounds like so much fun right now. I miss it! We miss you guys!