Thursday, May 27, 2010

The "Ultimate" Update

Usually for Christmas someone in my family gives me a calendar for the next year. This year I didn't get one and so Jordan got me one that has a new recipe for every month. I decided to attempt to make the lemon pull-aparts. Here is what they are supposed to look like and what they did look like. They were actually really really good!
For a ward activity the RS put on a ward date night. Each table worked together to have a theme and then to each bring a food item. Our table was western with corn on the cob and pulled pork sandwiches. We decided we wanted to dress up.
A little smootch behind the hatCowboy up!
Yesterday was Jordan's 25 birthday! Can you believe it? To celebrate he got a free meal at Tucanos so we stuffed ourselves silly!They even gave him a free dessert and luckily I also got to reap the rewards.

There was a really cool fountain we played in after!

Good lookin' couple

Probably the highlight of Jordan's birthday was the Ultimate Frisbee game. Our old singles ward has 2 teams and he plays on one with his cousin and brother. The two teams played each other. It was a blast to watch. He really loves the sport... and he is good at it.Jordan and his old roommate Mike (TOUGH GUYS)The winning team!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ode to Mom

Happy Mother's Day! I am so grateful for my mom and for all women on the earth. In our married student ward new couples are invited to attend the celestial marriage class for at least 6 months, because of that I have had mother's on my mind a lot. I am so grateful for the role of women and of motherhood. I have learned so much from my mom as I know she learned so much from her mother. As I look forward to someday being a mom (no, not an announcement) I am terrified and am so excited to fulfill this role to nurture and love. This is just a list of many of the things my mom has done for me as I'm sure yours have done for you.
1. Taxi driver
2 #1 fan (for soccer and dance, rain or shine)
3. Best listener
4. Advice Giver
5. Knows when to agree when I had trouble with boys and when to express her frustration as well
6. Patient
7. Cook
8. Referee when little (2 boys and 1 girl, she solved the problem).
9. Loving
10. Supportive and Encouraging
Not only am i grateful for my mom, but for my grandma, who taught my mom so much. I hope that I can also teach my future children the right. Love you mom!