Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ellingson Reunion

After the Tingey Reunion we were able to head back to our beloved Provo for the Ellingson Reunion. We loved having the opportunity to spend so much time with family. This was the first time that the Ellingson family has had everyone together in about 5 years so it was a must for a family picture.We had a blast spending time with cousins, getting to know aunts and uncles better, and especially spending time with these two wonderful people (Dallin and Laura). They were able to stay with us at our apartment and we loved it. Dallin and Jordan REALLY are twins and Laura and I, well we are twins too (or at least that's what we say- you decide ;)

We got to participate in a rubber ducky derby. Jordan and I both qualified for the finals, but didn't win. One of my favorite things we did is walked around BYU campus and found all of the "special spots" everyone had including Grandmother Richardson, aunts, uncles, cousins, and where Jordan and I got engaged was also included. We hiked the "Y" and had a ball!

Jordan and I decided this summer that we hope that when we look back on our lives we can say the majority of it was spent with family. It was wonderful!

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