Friday, September 2, 2011

First Week Jitters

Well, Jordan started his MBA and has been busier than ever, but nonetheless is loving it! I started Kindergarten this week and this is just a bit of quotes for your enjoyment.

Student #1: When is recess?

Me: (didn't respond)

Student #1: Mrs. Ellingson when is recess?

Student #2: What IS recess?

(I forget how everything about school is foreign to them)


Student: Mrs. Ellingson where are all the toys? (poor child is in for a bit of change)


I had been teaching my kids the word 'the' this week because it is a word we basically know by sight. I continued to refer to it as "the magic word". Throughout the day I would ask "What is the magic word?"

At the end of the day: "What is the magic word?"

All students: (shouting) : PLEASE! (at least they know their manners)


We had a short lesson about saying please and thank you and they might receive another thing for my class reward system. Right after we had talked about it I then heard...

Student #1: Thank you for recess

Student #2: Thank you for letting us go to recess

I then heard a lot of thank you's for the rest of the day. I love my job even though there are frustrating days and sometimes I just want to fall asleep on the floor it is the best!