Friday, October 26, 2012

Red Paper Airplanes

Jordan and I just celebrated our 3rd year wedding anniversary.  It was simply perfect!  Many of you readers already know this story but three years ago Jordan took me on a "rememberance date" with doing all kinds of things that had some special meaning for us and one of them was making paper airplanes.  So on the day we got engaged we threw white paper airplanes off of the balcony at the JFSB.  Jordan told me we needed to go pick them up.  As we did ran down to the bottom we found some RED paper airplanes.  Well, those weren't ours so I skipped right over it until Jordan told me to come take a look.  I opened it up and it said 100 reasons why I love Kaitlin.  There were 10 airplanes with 10 things on each one.  The last one said... "She just might say yes!"  He then pulled out some flowers (from under a bush) and a ring in the pocket and proposed.  I was so surprised but said yes and the rest is history.  Here are some pictures of our engagement day 3 years ago.

For our anniversary every year we take turns planning.  This year it was Jordan's turn.  Man, he knows me so well (I love surprises and I am very EASILY surprised).  We dropped McKae off at his sisters and headed to our dinner reservation.  He said we had a little bit of time so he thought it would be fun to go fly some paper airplanes again. This time we wrote compliments hoping that people would find them and make them happy.  Well we felt bad about littering so we headed down to go pick them up.  When I got down there I found, yes, a red paper airplane.  It had reasons 101 to 110. of why he loved me.  He pulled out a dozen roses from under the bushes(thanks to his siblings for making the white to red airplanes and stashing the flowers both years - Carl and Gary) and gave me a beautiful necklace.  Could life get better than this?!  I submit that it cannot.  I know everyone says this, but I truly am  THE LUCKIEST girl!
Later that night we headed to Macaroni Grill, where we had the best yummy food.  They also have paper on the tables that you can draw on so we played pictionary with our favorite memories.  It was so fun!

So glad that 3 years ago we...
- got married in the slc temple for time and all eternity
-we decided to spend the rest of our life with our best friend.
-started on a journey full of ongoing adventures!



  1. Love this post. You guys are such a sweet couple!

  2. We LOVE you guys. We're so glad we're friends with you. :-) Happy Anniversary!

  3. Wow, what a thoughtful date, good job Jordan! Three years goes by fast, doesn't it?! Happy Anniversary to two of the best people!

  4. This is so cute! Good Job Jordan! I have been catching up on your blog right has been so much fun to read. Can't wait to see you on Thursday!