Friday, December 7, 2012

Did you say TEXAS?!?

   The rumors are true!  We will be moving out to Houston, Texas come May after Jordan graduates with his MBA.
I am so proud of him and that he will have a dual masters and already has a job set up.  We feel so blessed that he had so many offers and that we have felt so great about accepting to work for a company called Goodman Manufacturing.
   Am I excited to move out of Provo?   Am I nervous to leave Provo and go out to the real world?  Holy Cow, YES!!  It is funny how we often start looking one step ahead.  When we are single we want to get married, but as soon as we are married we want to have a baby, but once we have a baby we want to have another one, and etc.  Well, we are super excited for this new adventure in our life and are really learning to enjoy the time in Provo with close friends, before it's time to go to the place with the heat.
    I never in my life thought we would end up in Texas.  Does that mean my kids are going to have southern accents? (I would love this)Does that mean we are going to become beach bums? (so excited to have a beach so close) Does that mean my kids are all going to have HUGE Texas pride?
     We couldn't be more excited (all 3 of us)!! Plus we have family in Houston, so goodbye fears, and hello Houston!

(... and some recent pics that are my favorites).

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  1. CONGRATS!! We spent a summer in Houston for an internship and had nothing but positive experiences! Let us know if your bishop ends up being Bish. Gutke. I'm so jealous of what beautiful WEATHER you will get down there!!