Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lesson Learned

This past week has been quite the week. My students were crazy and I was really struggling. I have been struggling to get through to one of my students who cannot focus. I did not know what to do. My incentives and discipline plan were not working and I was at a dead end. This child does not have an easy life by ANY means and I knew I needed to be the source of love and attention. I believe it was Jordan's grandpa that used to always say "The answer is always MORE LOVE". Well this particular day it stuck with me. I said a silent prayer that I could have more love for this child. Later in the day I was struck with another thought.." a soft answer turneth away wrath". I did it literally. As I spoke lovingly and almost in a whisper the events of the day took a whole 360. The next day, worried I had scared this child, the child came up and said with a big grin "You are a nice teacher!" I love how the Lord knows what we need to learn and the best ways for us to learn it. Every child needs love and more love on top of that.
Other recent news: I am now 28 weeks along and still kicking. Here is one of the few pictures we have. Everything is going great! My main cravings... cheese sticks, hamburgers, and fries!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Extra! Extra! Read All About it!


1. Our first bit of news is that we went and had our ultrasound before Christmas and we are going to have a BABY GIRL! Things are going great so far! We have already decided she will probably be a soccer player, because she loves to kick. We both love feeling her kick.

2. Jordan finished his first semester as a BYU MBA student and did awesome! Lately, we have felt so blessed to have a bunch of interviews for summer internships. After much prayer, list making, and contemplating we are headed to...

Cincinnati, Ohio
We truly could not feel more blessed and grateful for this opportunity to work for Proctor and Gamble in the state of Ohio for the summer. What an adventure it will be?! (I'm just excited to have a lil' buddy to keep me company this time).

3. Christmas was a blast! We spent the majority of it with the Ellingson family in Mesa, AZ. Man, I have a new love for oranges. We ate at least 2 a day. We then spent a little time with the Tingey's in Flagstaff, AZ enjoying a wonderful BYU bowl football game. I have slacked on all picture taking lately so this is all I have... hope you enjoy!
Jordan's little brother got a little puppy for Christmas. Let's just say I think I got a little attached. It was cold outside and I was worried about him so Jordan helped me come up with a plan. We found a sleeve from an old sweatshirt and turned it into a nice turtleneck sweater. Call me crazy!It was quite the blast having little kids (our nieces and nephews) around during the break. These two would sit on the chair while Jordan spun them around... they couldn't get enough of it. Jordan is going to be an incredible dad! I am constantly amazed with his love and compassion for all little children.

4. Teaching is great! If you are having a rough day, read this! Probably my new favorite quote from one of my students.
Background: We were celebrating a half birthday and the girl brought a box of candy hearts for each student. On the outside of the box it had pictures of hearts with some of the sayings. One of my boys started laughing hysterically.

Teacher: What are you laughing at?

Student: (Pointing to the box) It says b-f (making the letter sounds)

Teacher: Oh, ya that is BFF, it means best friends forever.

Student: (still laughing crazily) b-f means best friends forever!