Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"You are loved"

So, I don't usually like to write a whole bunch on our blog.  I often leave the pictures to do most of the telling of our most recent adventures, but this time I just wanted to share something that has kinda hit home lately.  Hopefully I won't sound too "churchy" or like i am writing in my journal, but I am so grateful that the Lord truly understands what we need and when we need it and who he is going to use to be an instrument in his hands to accomplish it.  Last week I was feeling a little bit down and that same day I received a phone call from one of my besties.  Later to find out she had been prompted to give me that call.  Later I found 3 "love notes" (we write these for sisters in the ward and put it in an envelope in the back of the binder) that were anonymous, but they told me exactly what I needed to hear.  Lastly, last night I found a bag with chocolate (which for me, can almost solve any problem) and some quotes explaining once again just what I needed.  So to whomever wrote those "love notes" or dropped a bag off on my doorstep, thank you for being willing to be an instrument in the Lord's hands whether you knew you were or not.  It has made all the difference to me. 

Those i love mucho!

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  1. I love and miss you too! Why do we keep moving further and further away from each other? Maybe our next moves will get us back in the same city :)
    You're awesome! Even on days when you feel less than awesome. We all have them...