Thursday, September 19, 2013

Her first word was "da da"

Doesn't every little girl hold a special place in their heart for their daddy?  Well our lil' miss sure does.  Actually I am pretty sure those two had a connection while she was still in my tummy.  Before we had found out the gender of the baby, Jordan knew for sure it was a girl through an experience he had.  I on the other hand thought it was a boy.  And boy was I wrong.  Then from the moment she was born she has had her daddy wrapped around her finger.  Every morning she wakes up she says "daddy" and starts looking for him.  ANYTIME we hear a knock on the door, she assumes it is dad getting home from work and runs to the door, all smiles, saying "daddy".  These are just a few pictures I couldn't help but share of the two loves of my life.
Jammin' to some tunes... Just like dad

 Bike shopping with dad
Grocery Shopping with dad (yes she is strapped in for extra comfort with the paper towels)
 Riding the carousel at the zoo
 His face is blurry, but golfing with dad
packing her up

We consider ourselves the luckiest!

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  1. Cute!! She is getting so big and if possible so much cuter every time I see pictures of her :) How fun that she loves Jordan so much!