Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Date Night!

Just as a short update, this past week was super busy and crazy, but we were so excited for our Saturday day night which turned out to be a series of events.
  • Made it to a session in the Provo temple
  • Ran to campus to see the end of the basketball BYU vs. UofU game... just in time to see Emery get hit and Henderson thrown out the game. Pretty crazy and then to pull off the WIN!
  • Went to NICKEL CADE (now called nickel city)... for the record I beat Jordan in the basketball shooting game and he beat me in the football game. We had a blast playing skeeball and racing cars.
  • We came home to make cookies (11:30pm) to take to family dinner and choir on Sunday. While making the cookies it just asked for brown sugar (my family has made these for years) and when they came out they were still in balls and tasted more like flour than cookie goodness. I called my mom the next morning to discover that the recipe was missing the 1 cup of white sugar. Jordan, tried to put more sugar in it Sunday afternoon and to our surprise tada we had some flatter, better, tasting cookies!
We had a blast! We are doing great and have felt so blessed recently as we have been able to see the Lord's hand in our lives. We are amazed of how much we know that the Lord is aware of us and our needs. Hope everyone is enjoying their week and Happy February!


  1. What a fun, busy date night! It's so much fun going on actual dates with your husband huh!

  2. I love it1 Those cookies loook mmm mm good. Hope things are going awesome!

  3. Love the cookie story! We ate rice pastey stuff with sauce once early in our marriage - thanks to my lack of follwoing directions. :) Good times. you guys are too cute!