Saturday, February 20, 2010

In Memoriam

Kaitlin's fish, Prince Fredrick IX, died last Sunday. I just can't stop thinking about the little guy. We grew real close. He was the most tallented fish you have ever seen. He would do little tricks, half way out of the water (the way dolphins do), when he knew you were about to feed him. And he always blew bubbles when I was singing in the kitchen. In fact, I could swear that I once heard him singing along to his favorite song, "Under the Sea." Fred's favorite movie was "Finding Nemo." Even more than movies, however, he loved spending one-on-one time with me, watching college football on Saturday mornings when Kaitlin was gone.

Fred proved to me that beta fish are even more faithful than golden retrievers. On more than one occasion, he saved my life. Last fall, when I was very sick with the Swine Flu, he stayed by my side as I lay helpless in bed, gently reassuring me by holding my fingernail with a caring fin. Yes, he was a cute little fish, but on the inside, he had the heart of a whale.

I'll miss you Fred. You were a very good fish!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Entertaining Elevator Ride

Okay, so yesterday I learned what it really means that if you can laugh at yourself, then you are okay to let others laugh at/with you too. So, I decided to share a couple moments of yesterday that I got a little chuckle out of and hopefully you will too.
Elevator Ride
So yesterday I was working and i was exhausted from all the birthday playing and so while riding in the HFAC elevator I leaned my head against the wall of the elevator. This elevator reminds me of the old church buildings that have carpet all along the walls. Well we were approaching the 3rd floor so I decided i should get ready to get off when I noticed my head was stuck to the wall. Well, my bobby pin had slid in one of the loops of the carpet on the wall. I started freaking out, hoping the door wouldn't open until I could detach my head. I did just in time, but now I have decided boy cott carpet on walls.... it belongs on the floor people!
Later that same night I was picking up a microphone and thought I would test it out, so I began to do a little jazz scatting when I realized a co-worker was coming in the room. He asked "what are you doing?" I told him trying to get the microphone to work... he came over and demonstrated that yes indeed, it needs to be plugged in to work! Ha ha! Those are the times that I enjoy life and laughing, hopefully you could get a kick out of too!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Date Night!

Just as a short update, this past week was super busy and crazy, but we were so excited for our Saturday day night which turned out to be a series of events.
  • Made it to a session in the Provo temple
  • Ran to campus to see the end of the basketball BYU vs. UofU game... just in time to see Emery get hit and Henderson thrown out the game. Pretty crazy and then to pull off the WIN!
  • Went to NICKEL CADE (now called nickel city)... for the record I beat Jordan in the basketball shooting game and he beat me in the football game. We had a blast playing skeeball and racing cars.
  • We came home to make cookies (11:30pm) to take to family dinner and choir on Sunday. While making the cookies it just asked for brown sugar (my family has made these for years) and when they came out they were still in balls and tasted more like flour than cookie goodness. I called my mom the next morning to discover that the recipe was missing the 1 cup of white sugar. Jordan, tried to put more sugar in it Sunday afternoon and to our surprise tada we had some flatter, better, tasting cookies!
We had a blast! We are doing great and have felt so blessed recently as we have been able to see the Lord's hand in our lives. We are amazed of how much we know that the Lord is aware of us and our needs. Hope everyone is enjoying their week and Happy February!