Saturday, June 11, 2011


So our blog is somewhat like my journal and so every time I get on I have to back track. So stay with me.

I Graduated!
and this is how it feltThe day was perfect! I had so many supporters there and I am so grateful for that. I really could not have made it through college without my roommates, parents, family, and Jordan. Thank you for helping me to be a college graduate!My parents: one of the biggest supporters. I can still remember receiving packages galore from them with all of my favorites. They were always the first people I called after leaving the testing center (sometimes in tears), cheers from my dad left on the phone, and providing for my schooling. Thank you!Jordan: He has helped me to stay happy and understood the real meaning of "work hard, play hard". He has helped me to get up in the mornings, helped around the house so I could do homework, made me laugh, and always made my needs come first! Thank you!

It feels good to be done and teaching Kindergarten, which I will be able to do again next year at the same school. Life is good :)

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