Saturday, June 11, 2011

How to become a Texan

1. Have a dozen spoonfuls of this yummy stuff.2. Eat at a real good BBQ
(we got ribs and brisket....mmmm)
3. Get put in jail4. Put on yer cowboy hat5. Watch the cattle walk down the street
(did you know their horns can be 6 ft. long?!?)We have been able to do quite a bit of exploring around Ft. Worth. We are trying to explore it all while we have the chance. Besides exploring we have doing a lot of this

We spend a lot of time at the Library. We don't have internet at our apartment and so this is where we get it. Jordan has some online classes that he is taking on top of his internship. I have been trying to learn Spanish through some classes the library offers online (but don't test me...yet!). I have also found a new love again of reading, if you haven't ever read any books by Shannon Hale you need to!
In our ward we have been called as Ward Missionaries and we LOVE IT! Every Tuesday we go out with the missionaries in our ward. We get to go to their appointments and listen and when we feel prompted we share our thoughts. We have taught so many people and have invited people to go to church with us. It is SO exciting! I truly believe it has strengthened our love in our marriage and our love for the gospel. We truly are blessed to have a prophet on the earth Today and the Book of Mormon to help us return to live with our Savior.


  1. It looks like you are having a great time in Texas! I hope you are getting a good break from school. Do you know about a job yet?

  2. What fun stuff you are doing! I'm so happy for you guys and am so glad to hear you are loving Texas! Keep the updates coming :)