Sunday, November 13, 2011

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage...

Then Comes ....(about 15 weeks)

We are so excited to announce that we are pregnant (due April 19th)! I am about 17 1/2 weeks and going strong. We have heard the heart beat twice and have felt so blessed to have been feeling fairly well. We will find out gender in about 3 weeks so let us know your guesses! We feel so lucky and blessed to be future parents and are thankful for both of our wonderful parents who have set perfect examples of how we want to be.

Other exciting happenings:
2 year anniversary
We celebrated our 2 year anniversary. The restaurant gave us the best seat and best food there was. Jordan also enjoyed his first ever corn maze. We also returned to the Salt Lake Temple to do sealings (until I nearly passed out and had to sit down). We always take a look at "our sealing room" as well. It was wonderful!The next morning we hiked to the top of Ensign Peak in SLC. It was a gorgeous view!
Football, football, football!We love to go to BYU football games. If we aren't watching them, then most likely one of us is at least dreaming about it (you guess who). We are die hard fans! Go Cougars!
Halloween Fun!(Just some of the girls)
We love our ward! We have made so many friends that we hope we can always continue to keep in contact with. We feel so lucky to be surround by such wonderful people and good examples!
(the guys)
Each of these guys have wives that are pregnant and so we were the group with all matching costumes.
*We also had a party with some of the old roomies! We made soup and played some fun games. Jordan and I are so glad that we have them around for just a bit longer.
* School this year, the Kindergarten team decided to be butterflies because we did a whole unit on insects this year and even had the caterpillars that turned into butterflies. It was so cool!
(Mrs. Menlove, me, and Mrs. Money)
My kids were awesome and we enjoyed going to a retirement home and singing a Halloween song to them. My kids loved it!
I know that is a total overload... but that is about how our life has been lately... crazy and fun!


  1. Your costumes turned out cute! :) Still so happy for you guys! My prediction is: GIRL! Marks prediction is the same he says haha so 2 Girl votes from us!

  2. YAY YAY YAY!! Congratulations!!! :) :)

  3. why havent i seen your blog before now? sure am glad i got to this time. congrats!

  4. Oh how wonderful! Congratulations!!! I'm due May 4th with another boy, just two weeks after you! Can't wait to follow your blog forever and keep on your cute family!

  5. Congrats! Being a mom is awesome! My guess is girl.

  6. YAY YAY YAY! I sure love my April baby :) It's a great time to have one! Dan and I are SO excited for you guys! I wish we lived a little closer so our babies could be buddies!

  7. Oh, I am so happy for your Ellingson family of three!!! I also so glad that you are feeling well Kaitlin - it's such a blessing! ...can't wait to find out what you're having. (We are having a boy in February.)

  8. WOOOO HOOOO!!! I'm so excited for you guys! Congrats. Life looks like it's been so exciting for the two of you. good luck with the rest of the pregnancy! Miss you tons!

  9. KAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cute blog :) i'm glad I found it! I'm so excited for you guys! Oh I so wish we still lived close to you guys! Can't wait to here boy or girl.

  10. Hooray! :) Again, so excited for you. And what a view! Looks like you had an awesome anniversary.

  11. Wow!!! How fun! I'm so excited for you! :)

  12. Cute Halloween! Too fun...We are so excited to hear the gender...we are putting in our guesses...Ryan thinks girl, I think boy, Madison once again hopes it is a puppy..:)

  13. it's funny our november has been crazy crazy and things are finally starting to settle down and all of a sudden i though, i need to check Kaitlins blog i bet she's pregnant, AND U R!!! congrats! im so so excuted for u guys!!! did u find out yet?